Bellantuono Sartoria and Bellantuono Le Collezioni,  member of the Bellantuono Bridal Group –which also includes Blumarine Sposa– is a brand made in Puglia in 1956. Starting out as a small business run by a family, the company has developed into a leading manufacturer.

Currently the brand counts itself among the most elegant and sought-after in the wedding business, given its ability to deliver high quality creations that constitute an ode to true femininity and the highest Italian craftsmanship.

Originality remains the key concept: Bellantuono Sartoria and Bellantuono Le Collezioni strive to improve upon themselves with each of their new collections by creating something that’s never been seen before.

Each of their wedding gowns is 100% made in Italy, and is in itself a piece of art that will only live for one day, but will still be remembered forever.

The result is always a collection that finds great success showcasing a sophisticated and architectonic style achieved by means of a masterful combination of the old and the new, much in the vein of the highest Italian couture tradition.

A woman in love who’s ready to swear eternal love on the greatest day of her life doesn’t just want to feel beautiful –she also needs something magical to envelop and protect herself with, as if it was some sort of spell, an incantation that’s achievable by means of a wedding gown which is designed specifically for her in order to make her feel unique and special as she seizes her dream.

Exhibited during the Milanese Fashion Week, the Bellantuono Sartoria and Bellantuono Le Collezioni, Bridal Collection S/S 2017 suggests a light, evanescent and gritty bride, imbued with a bohemian rock spirit, owing to daring, vintage-inspired transparencies in lace; sinuous, mermaid-like designs and plunging necklines.

Each gown, an image evocating great tailoring skills, research and attention to detail.

The dense floral rebrodé lace applications perfectly blend with the light, Chantilly-style lace upon which they are draped with branches as it were. The chiffon voile is fashioned in skilful drapes and plissé, whilst the plumetil tulle, with all of its affected charm, becomes the bohemian backdrop for the finest, richest, haute couture embroidery work. Organza floats seemlessly, adding a sculptural touch.

All of this is perfectly presented in various shades of white silk. This hue’s purity and innocence, together with a lingerie pink reflection and glare, confer the whole collection a contemporary appeal that’s full of charm with a retro touch, making for a true bohemian style, imbued with the spirit of rock.

Craftsmanship and innovation, fine silks, French laces and the skilled hands of industry-leading experts: such are the elements that have always characterized the BBellantuono Sartoria and Bellantuono Le Collezioni brand, are ones of the most beloved entities in the world of Italian bridal fashion.

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